camp & sons - mountain retreat & organic garden - mendocino county - calif.
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Walter and sons then Walter and sons now
Walter Camp and Sons - then & now
(left) after helping push a friend's car out of the mud,
getting a spattering of mud themselves – life on a farm;
(right) Walter today with Blaise, left, and Tomki, right,
still working and enjoying the farm.

Camp family
Camp Family
(left) Karen and Tomki, Jane and Walter, and Blaise;
(right) Walter & Jane, then and now

C A M P  &  S O N S
Mendocino County, California


view from the top  view from the top  meadow view
Our view - enjoy!

Blaise  Blaise  Blaise
Our Blaise: in leisure & work

Tomki  Tomki  Tomki
Our Tomki: in leisure & work

Zoe  Zoe  Zoe
Our Zoe: in leisure & work

lambs  garden  watertank
mailbox  jane with pigs  wedding
Baby lambs & our garden,
getting mail in the winter snow,
a farm festivity, and glimpses of
our picture-shy Jane!

Walter  walter with handmade bricks  walter with the pigs
And of course, our Walter.

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walter on tractor
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Walter & Jane then Walter & Jane now